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"Why can't you be happy with what you have?

  • You have your own business, and isn't that what you always wanted?
  • The kids are doing well
  • And didn't you just go on a girls' weekend?"

...is what your mom, or that one friend often tells you, and they insist they mean well.

And, depending on your hormones, you either smile and nod, or start ugly crying because no one in the world seems to understand.

You have big, bold goals. 

You know deep inside that you have the talent to reach them...

...but you feel utterly stuck about how to get there.

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That's where I come in.

I am Marianne van den Broek, MD, Ph.D, psychiatrist. 

I help ambitious women leverage their strengths and personality,
so they can hit their big, bold goals.

(Pssst...that includes that one thing you think needs fixing!)

But I didn't start out that way...

I started my career working in medicine.

I was the only one from my class to get into med-school. Then, I secured a spot to do my Ph.D research. And third, I got to train to become a psychiatrist. 

All this time, for 17 years, I knew inside that the job wasn't a great fit.

I liked working with people, but my work always revolved around what was wrong with them. Things that needed to be changed and fixed. Often, I got very frustrated by rules and regulations and money concerns.

And functioning in a hierarchical, unfriendly environment like an academic hospital?

Kind of a nightmare for someone as sensitive and freedom loving as me...

It gave me so much stress and heartache.

I kept reminding myself ‚Äčthere was job certainty, a good salary, status, and ‚Äčlots of people waiting for me.

I felt so guilty for not fitting in and not wanting the same thing my peers wanted.

It took me years, and then something life-changing (a postpartum depression), to realize that I couldn't wait any longer. Things were not going to magically feel better.

I needed to give myself permission to live the life that I was meant to live. Do the work I was meant to do...even though I wasn't exactly sure what that would look like.

And then I discovered strengths and personality psychology, and everything fell into place.

  • Now I understood exactly why I was in the wrong career, and what needed to change.
  • It turned out the things in me I thought needed fixing, were my biggest assets. Once I knew how to leverage them.
  • And suddenly, I had the solid base I needed to build my business on.

I can help you leverage YOUR unique combination of strengths and personality:

the key to business success and consistently hitting your revenue goals.

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