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This is where you can find the most recent guidelines for earning an affiliate commission by referring someone.

Why I would love it if you become an affiliate

I love working with clients that are a perfect match for my services. And who can be better at deciding who could benefit from my services than you: someone who has experienced what working together is like first hand? ​​

And since sharing the love with other ambitious entrepreneurs is a big part of my mission, I would love to reward you for making a connection. 

How it works

It's pretty simple: if you connect someone to me and they end up buying a service or product, I reward you with 10% of the amount they paid (before tax). So, for example: is someone buys something priced €1000, you receive 100€ in your bank account as soon as their purchase is final!

How you make the connection is up to you. 

You could tell someone directly about my services. You could host an interview with me in your Facebook group, on your podcast, invite me for a guest post, talk about my program in your newsletter, etc.

If someone:

  • was directly connected to me through you and becomes a client
  • heard about me for the first time through you featuring me somewhere, and becomes a client within 3 months (we can of course be a little flexible with the time limitation depending on the circumstances) after you featured me 
  • got convinced to say yes to working with me through you 

you receive the affiliate commission!

Perhaps there are other ways you connect me to someone that I haven't even thought of here, so these guidelines are not exclusive.

What to do when you've made the connection

  1. Email me their name and whether any action from my side is required (like sending them an email to answer a short question, or sending them a link to book a discovery call). I will always email you to confirm I received your message, so if you haven't heard back from me after three days, please remind me because I may have missed your email! My email:
  2. If the purchase is final, I notify you.
  3. You then send me an invoice for the affiliate commission (I will give you the info in the confirmation email) and you receive your commission within 14 days after I received the email.

That's it!

Want to be a part of it? Send me an email with 'I want to be an affiliate' in the subject line, and I will put you on the list to receive updates on new services and the affiliate commission program. 

My email:

Fine print:

I reserve the right to update the program at any time, you will be notified via email 2 weeks in advance if any updates are planned! Please make sure that my email address is whitelisted / in your address book, to decrease the odds of you missing that email. 

I reserve the right to decline your affiliate commission request, but I will of course only decline if I have a valid reason because this program is all about sharing the love.