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The 5 benefits of working online as a service providing entrepreneur

When people talk about their online business, one of the first things they say is how they love that they get to wear their yoga pants to work. While I love wearing comfortable clothing as much as the next person, I wouldn't necessarily change the way I run my practice for that reason. In this post, I will share a number of very compelling reasons why you should, in fact, consider adding online revenue.

Work from anywhere

Location independence is a big plus of having online revenue streams.

  • Say bye bye to that 1-hour commute: what would you do with an extra 2 hours every day?
  • Save money on the rental costs of your physical office: and splurge on the decoration of your beautiful home office, before you start putting that money towards more sensible things like paying off student loans and saving for retirement!
  • Travel without having to find a replacement in your absence: spontaneous getaways or 2-month trips are no longer out of the question.

And alright, if you must: wear those yoga pants... Although I would advise to wear a cute top, because you do want a certain level of professionalism in your appearance when you do video calls, right? 


Going to the gym in the middle of the day, having lunch with your family or spending time with the kids when they get home from school (and then work some more after they have gone to bed) is so much easier when neither you nor your clients have to travel to a physical office! 

Make money while you sleep

Working online comes with the possibility of:

  • creating passive income;
  • onboarding new clients on automation;
  • automating the reception of payments.

So you can go to bed without worrying about those things and wake up to an extra 4 figures in your bank account!

Make a big impact

One of the most important advantages of working online to me is the fact that you can reach a much bigger audience and thus make a bigger impact. As coach or therapist, you have such valuable knowledge and skills to share, it would be a waste to keep that hidden inside your brick and mortar practice. 

I believe that this is a time of big shifts in the world. As humans, we can make the transformation to becoming more aware, tap into the infinite wisdom of the universe and raise the overal vibration of mankind. That's a big task, so we need every woman on deck for this one!

Be selective of who you work with

When your reach gets bigger, so does the number of clients you could potentially work with. The better the match between client and service provider, the better the result and the more energized it leaves both you and your client. Win, win.

I would love to hear from you in the comments: what would be the most important reason for you to start working online? And what is holding you back?
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