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personal leadership coaching

for women who want to get unstuck

people around you think you're successful.

And they are right, strictly speaking.

  • You have surpassed last year's income goal 
  • Everyone in your family is healthy
  • And on most days, you feel fairly happy

But it's becoming harder and harder to ignore that nagging feeling: this is not the life you are meant to live.

  • You want your work to be meaningful. Make an impact in this world.
  • You want to enjoy what you do, no more struggling and pushing all the time.
  • You want to actually see your children grow up, and be there when they need you.
  • You want to live life to the fullest: travel the world, have fun with friends, have a me-day on a regular Tuesday just because you feel like it.

And deep inside, you know it is time to make some big changes.


  • Who are you to want this for yourself?  What will your friends think? And your family? 
  • What if you try to grow your business, or leave your job, and it becomes an EPIC FAILURE? What if you lose everything you spent all these years building?
  • What if you start digging deep, and it turns out you don't have a life purpose?
  • What should you do? You have a decision to make, but how will you know what the right answer is? 

"Dr. Marianne is one of the most skilled strategists out there. Her contagious energy and whip smart strategies help her clients get out of their heads in weeks. Seriously, you hop on a call with her, and within hours she’s outlined your way out of your daily grind."

Merel Kriegsman​

Every ambitious woman deserves a coach.

Those 7-figure entrepreneurs with their inspiring podcasts and perfect Instagram feeds? Or those successful business women who have somehow cracked the code to doing meaningful work AND living a fun and fulfilling life?

They work with at least one coach. Always.

And you are in the perfect place to start working with a life coach too!

Because you are at a crossroads.

Are you going to...

...accept things the way they are, while you know deep inside that it just isn't good enough? Feeling okay the one day, and then completely stuck and frustrated the other?


Will you finally make that big change, even if you are not sure what that's supposed to look like yet.

So you can finally start feeling happy and fulfilled consistently?
Marianne van den Broek personal leadership coach

My name is Marianne van den Broek. 

I spent 17 years becoming a medical doctor, a Ph.D and a psychiatrist, knowing in my heart that a career in the medical world wasn't right for me. But I kept suppressing that feeling. Because I was so scared to make the decision to leave my career and start pursuing something that would actually make me feel happy and fulfilled.

And every year that I stayed, I felt more unhappy. Turned more into someone that I didn't even recognize anymore. Alienating my friends and family. Feeling stuck, frustrated, and unable to change a thing.

I was so scared to change anything. 

Not only because of what I had to lose. But also because I didn't have the answer to that one question: what will I do if it's not this?

I was so disconnected from who I truly was, from my intuition. I had no idea what would bring me joy anymore, because I was so used to just doing what was expected of me. 

What helped me finally break free?

I got out of survival mode.

By restoring the connection to my true self, my intuition and my life purpose, I was able to change my life.

You know what the best part about what I learned in this process was?

All the ingredients for you to live your purpose AND be blissfully happy are already there, you just need help reactivating them!

"Working with Marianne is fun, easy, exciting and motivating. She really gets it. She will be able to see the angle you’re coming from, no matter which field." 

Ashvy Bhardwaj​
United Kingdom

When we work together

I will give you all the insights and tools you need to:

  • get out of survival mode;
  • understand what you truly want; 
  • break through whatever is still holding you back,

and make that BIG CHANGE in your life, your work or your business.

I have combined my:

  • years of experience as a medical doctor and psychiatrist;
  • training in different healing modalities;
  • knowledge of personality psychology and mindset work;
  • intuitive coaching skills,

with everything I learned in the process of becoming myself again, and I turned it into a coaching program for ambitious women like you. 

Women who want to start living the life they are meant to live, but don't know how to get there.

"Marianne can give me so much clarity by asking a single question."

Jitske Lochtenberg
The Netherlands

"I felt so safe working with Marianne. She showed me where I was keeping myself small."

Camilla Park
The Netherlands

"Marianne has such a big heart! With small tips, she helped me take a giant leap."

Marte Methorst
The Netherlands

it is time you start living your full potential

  • Are you an ambitious woman who dares to dream big?
  • Are you ready to finally make that big change in your life, your work, or your business?
  • Would you love to achieve this next level with joy and ease?

You can have it all, and enjoy every minute of it.

Dr. Marianne van den Broek sitting on a pink chair

Ben je Nederlands en wil je de sessies graag live met mij doen?

Mijn praktijk is in Oegstgeest en je bent van harte welkom.

"As a result of working with Marianne, I have found my direction and purpose. I feel that I am working my passion and building a business that is growing and flourishing."

Orlena Kerek