How this ‘hard core scientist’ started to embrace the universal laws - Dr. Marianne van den Broek

How this ‘hard core scientist’ started to embrace the universal laws

I was talking to my business coach the other day about how I feel that the universe can have such a great sense of humor when it is trying to show you things (and you don't listen at first).

She was surprised to hear me say that, because I don't usually talk about these things. The day before that, one of the friends I met through Marie Forleo's B-school had sent me a reminder to submit my chapter about manifestation and momentum. And the new client I met with today was surprised to find out that our first session was so 'ethereal' (I loved her word choice). 

So finally I realized that I was being nudged to talk about the Universal Laws.

And how they tie in to everything I do as a person, mother, entrepreneur and personal leadership coach. How I even use them to write this blog post. By inviting in the creativity and the right words to spread this message and staying open to its guidance.

How my life has changed since I allowed for this to happen.

And how I resisted this for the longest time...

You see, before I became an entrepreneur, I was trained and worked in academia for 17 years. And 'evidence based medicine' was the holy grail in all those years. Everything I did revolved around how we could explain things, using experiments with tangible results.

And different ways to explain things were frowned upon, if not condemned. So I guess believing in Universal Laws might be a bit more of a stretch for someone who was trained to believe in the complete opposite.

And it would be very safe to tell you that this is why I didn't believe in them for so long.

But I believe that choosing the scary option is what makes life worth living, and your message worth reading. So I will tell you the real reason. Because maybe you can relate. Or maybe you know someone who could really use this right now. 

The reason I resisted the Universal Laws for years, already knowing in my heart that they were true, is shame.

Because the most well known Universal Law - the Law of Attraction - tells us that we create our own reality.

And that couldn't be right, because otherwise, my life would have looked pretty different than it did back then. I was newly single at age thirty, I had finally finished my Ph.D only to realize that I didn't want to continue working in science, and then my new career as a psychiatrist in training meant working in a hospital, dozens of rules and regulations and frequent nightshifts that I absolutely dreaded. 

So either there was something seriously wrong with me, or the whole Law of Attraction thing was just some new age hippie talk.

Obviously I chose the latter option.

Time does not exist for the Universe, but if it would have, she was pretty patient with me. Because it took another couple of years of me ignoring all the signs and evidence that I was in fact capable of creating my own reality.

And even that did not take away the shame.

My daily practice of gratitude, tuning in, meditating (okay that one is totally not daily yet) and living as if everything I want is already there, came more and more natural to me. But I kept wondering what it meant that I was able to create my own reality and had apparently chosen to create so much drama. 

Until one day, it hit me.

And when I say it hit me, I mean that at least a dozen people had told me, I had read it in twice that many places, and I was finally able to hear it.

Acknowledging and accepting that I had created such a turbulent reality can co-exist with knowing that I lacked the skills to do it any other way at that time. When that truly sank in, I was able to instantly forgive myself. 

Sometimes, it takes a while for a lesson to truly sink in. For us that is, because for the Universe, tie does no exist.

I hope this post will help you experience some of the freedom that I felt when I embraced the Universal Laws, because it feels pretty good!

And if you are reading this, thinking: 'easy for her to say', or maybe you are ill and wondering: 'is she for real, suggested that I caused this??'... My answer is: I don't know how it works exactly. And I am certainly not judging your reality. 

But I do know that if we try to raise our energy to a higher vibe, even if that's anger instead of feeling depressed, we set a process in motion that can have a beautiful outcome. 

As always, would love to hear your thoughts in the comments, and if anyone you know can use this message today, share this post and share the love!

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