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Do you finally want to break through
to your next level of business success?

Create financial independence from your unique talents?
Attract only clients you love working with?
And feel way more confident and energized, while making a bigger impact?

You are an ambitious female entrepreneur.

You know that you are good at what you do, and that you can really help people.

You have the offer, the freebie and the email-list.

But too often, your business feels like too much struggle for too little result.

  • You feel like you’re wasting so much of your precious time on draining activities (that are not bringing you the clients you want to work with)
  • You know you need to be more visible and build more connections, but struggle to be consistent about it (something is holding you back, and you just can't seem to break through it)
  • Business is going okay, but it’s not enough to support your big dreams (traveling the world with your family, getting the house on your vision board - paid in cash, and of course: giving back)

In other words: you know you are meant for bigger things.

To truly have the business success you want (more ideal clients and more real impact): 

it's vital to shift how you work in your business....

...but above all: that you stop holding yourself back.

Let me present:
(drum roll, please...)


A 4-month program with individual coaching for female entrepreneurs ready to step into their next level of business success...


  • Working harder
  • Holding themselves back
  • All the stress and drama

After our four months together you:

Have based your business on your zone of genius

The one thing you do better than anyone else you know. And your clients and audience will feel how aligned your offers are.

Are no longer holding yourself back

I will show you where you are still holding yourself back and give you the tools to clear sabotaging thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Feel energized and confident

Because how you feel in your business is one of the most important predictors of success. 

Can attract clients that are a perfect match

You get to work with those clients who can benefit optimally from your unique offer and who are a treat to work with.

So you can create financial independence.

While changing lives.

By application only - so we're certain this is the right choice for you right now.
Limited spots - to ensure plenty of personal attention.

Janet van Dijk

"I finally understand what leveraging my talents actually looks like for me"

I now understand what brings me joy, what I need to stop doing and what energizes me. The work with Marianne gave me the confidence to choose my direction - which is pretty major for a multipotentialite like me!

Orlena Kerek

"I now have purpose and passion"

As a result of working with Marianne, I have found my direction and purpose. I feel that I am working my passion and building a business that is growing and flourishing. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, I now have purpose and passion!

Dorrith Dijkzeul

"Marianne gave me the gentle push I needed to have bigger goals."

Marianne has helped me not only accept, but deeply appreciate the things that make me unique. She gave me the gentle push I needed to have bigger goals. And the faith I have everything it takes to reach them.

I am Dr. Marianne.

After working with clients for a decade, there was one thing I knew for sure:

Everyone has a unique zone of genius. 

Something you do better than anyone else you know. That comes natural to you, feels joyful and gives you energy.

And true success (whatever that looks like for you, as long as it feels amazing) comes from building on that zone of genius.

The bad news?

After leaving behind my medical career to become a fulltime entrepreneur, I soon discovered: knowing your zone of genius isn’t enough.

Turns out:

actually basing your business on your zone of genius and creating the success and impact you want also requires letting go of the things you think, believe and feel that are still standing in your way.

(there’s no way around it, believe me - I tried)

The good news?

I can help you find both your genius AND show you where you are still holding yourself back. And I will give you the tools to clear anything standing between you and the success you want.

Dr. Marianne van den Broek sitting yellow background


The modules:



In which we nail your zone of genius and how you are going to work more and more in it in your business. This includes a plan to stop working in your zone of competence and spend way less time in your zone of excellence. So you can stop leaking energy and start providing even more value.



In which we analyze how you can align your next step with your unique talents and mission and strengthen your connection with your intuition. This is where we kindly get rid of your inner workaholic and/or your inner mean girl with the crazy high standards that get in the way of you executing your plans with the right energy. 



You get to work in your business in a way that fits your personality and your zone of genius, so let’s create your services around that, instead of you having to force yourself to work in a way that fits what you created. This requires that you stop holding back or playing small - I will help you achieve that.



I know you've heard the 'ideal client' thing too many times already. But what if it was really possible to only work with the clients you can get the best results with, in the most enjoyable way? In this module, we clear the most important things that stand in the way of you working with the clients you love to work with so much.



There's no one size fits all approach to visibility. In this module, I help you find the way that fits your personality and genius, so you can make genuine connections with the type of clients you love working with. And we clear the things that stand in the way of you consistently executing that plan. 



In which we work on your blocks around pricing and selling your services. This is where some of those stories that have been passed on from generation to generation about women and money finally get rewritten. And your previous disheartening experiences (we all have them) are cleared from your energy. So you can sell with confidence and ease. 

The group calls:

Each module includes a group call with hot seat coaching so you can apply everything to your specific situation. The groups are small to ensure that you get your questions answered in each call. 

The individual calls:

Each module includes an individual call with me, in which we look at what YOU need to make this part of the process a success. Usually, clearing of subconscious beliefs and unhelpful feelings and energies is involved.

By application only - so we're certain this is the right choice for you right now.
Limited spots - to ensure plenty of personal attention.


...this is not your typical group coaching program for entrepreneurs

1. We start off with a deep dive into your natural talents and personality, your core values and your goals.
And how these all tie into the business of your dreams, to ensure you have everything you need to create a highly tailor-made plan for getting the most out of our 4 months together.

2. The program is not about applying new strategies or learning new skills.
Instead, I help you get to the core: leveraging your natural talents, taking consistent action from the inside out, and to stop standing in the way of your own success by getting rid of the things you (unknowingly) think, feel and do that are keeping you from success.

3. You get a lot of individual support. Each module has an individual 60-minute call and a small group (max 5 women) 60-minute call. (2x6 calls in total where you get live coaching from me)
Because I have seen, time and time again, that the fastest route to true transformation includes individual help.

4. The program is filled by application only.
To make sure we are a good fit to work together and that this is the right program and the right timing for you to grow to your next level of success in your business. 

5. I use scientifically proven methods and subconscious belief work to help you create the success and impact you want. 
I analyze your strengths and personality using validated tests, including the full 34-CliftonStrengths Finder. And I was trained in different tapping (EFT) techniques (because different kind of issues require a different approach). For the subconscious belief work, we use a theta brainwave meditation technique.

6. You receive lifetime access to the tools you can use each time you want to reach a new level of success. You can use the tools in all areas of your business and your personal life. 

Wendy van Hardeveld

"I wasn't aware of how I was holding myself back"

In the sessions, Marianne was able to sense where the pain was and not afraid to dig deep. 
It amazed me how much we were able to do in such a short time, especially since I wasn't aware of how I was holding myself back. 

Camilla Park

"Marianne is the real deal!"

I felt completely safe looking into my life and my company together with her and she made it feel fun and sparkling to give form to new ways to live and work. Marianne is definitely the expert you want to consult when you have decided to take your business and life to the next level!

Ashvy Bhardwaj

"I now understand who I am, and what alignment is for me."

Marianne really challenged me to think about who I am and what I want from life. As a result, I have a much deeper understanding of who I am, what alignment is for me and who my ideal clients really are.


1. You have everything in place to make your dream of creating financial independence, doing what you love come true. But something is standing in your way.

You know you need to become more visible, but you keep hiding.

Or, you feel like you have one foot on the gas and one on the break. One minute you're full of confidence and know that it's only a matter of time before you become wildly successful. The next, you want to quit your business and find a job, or hide under the covers.

Or, part of you wants to make good money with your services, but another part wishes that selling wasn't a part of being in business.


2. You want help taking consistent action and overcoming your fears. From someone you can level with, and who understands your business.

And who can be both your cheerleader (we love celebrating your success!) and the person who helps you take an honest look inside and push yourself to really grow.

3. You are committed to start working in your zone of genius more and more. Because you know that that’s what you’re meant to do.

Even if that scares the sh*t out of you on some days.


1. You don’t know how to make money in your business yet.

This program is for entrepreneurs who already know how to make (some) money with their services, and how to find clients. Who want to become more successful and work more in their zone of genius, with more ideal clients. And who want to feel energized and confident in the process.

2. You are looking for someone to ​give you a pre-fab plan.

This program is not about how to do stuff, or about me giving you a pre-fab strategy or plan to execute. Instead, I will help you find out what works for you and the clients you want to work with. And show you what’s standing in the way of you actually taking action on your plans and creating the success and impact you want. (Although of course, I have some tips and tricks to share that you may like!)

3. You ​​would be perfectly fine if business stayed exactly as it is right now. 

Don't get me wrong: there's nothing wrong with being happy with where you are. But this program is for entrepreneurs who feel they are ready to grow to a new level. Right now. 



Starting October 28

1. Nail your zone of genius
2. Base your business on it
3. Stop holding yourself back

So you can create financial independence, while changing lives.

4 months
6 modules
6 group calls
6 individual calls
Lifetime access to online material
Lifetime access to recordings
Full 34-CliftonStrengths Finder

Your investment:

4 easy payments of €690
save by paying in full:
a 1-time payment of 2490€

(plus 21% VAT)


Don't you wish making money could feel easy?

Even if you've already done a lot of mindset work around money, I'm pretty sure that you struggle with mixed feelings about it from time to time. And those mixed feelings can stand in the way of you attracting clients who love to pay your fees because their certain that you're the right person to help them.

I have 8 online modules in which we will fix that. With tools you can use for the rest of your life.

After working through them: 

  • you will feel much calmer and confident around money - and potential clients will feel that!
  • you will know how to set money goals in your business - the kind that will help you create financial independence.
  • selling your services will feel like a normal part of business - perhaps even fun!

And of course, you have access for life. Because those pesky money blocks and beliefs tend to resurface every now and then!

Jenny Davidson

"I experience more joy and I'm more productive"

I had worked with coaches before, but working with Marianne was a whole nother level. In my work, I now feel more joy, I am more productive and I am much clearer about my long-term goals.

Relinde Moors

"Valuable insights I immediately implemented"

I love how Marianne combines strengths with personality psychology - it gave me some really valuable insights about my talents and about how to work in my business. And I could immediately implement these insights.

Saskia Vandenbroeck

"I now understand what makes me unique"

I really enjoyed the combination of theory and Marianne's intuitive approach. I now understand what makes me unique. I also love that I now know what to look out for in the formation of my team to get the best results.


1. What's the CliftonStrengths Finder?

The CliftonStrengths Finder is a scientifically proven method to find your natural talents and the things that are a complete energy drain. How it works within the program: I get the test for you, you take a 20-minute to fill it out and then I analyze your results and tell you EVERYTHING you need to know. (I'm not affiliated with Gallup, the company that owns the test.)

2. I have worked on my mindset before, will this program give me new insights or breakthroughs?

Besides mindset work, we focus on subconscious beliefs and the things that are stuck in our energy that prevent us from attracting what we truly want. I will teach you techniques that you can apply for the rest of your life. And even if none of the topics we cover are new to you, in my experience each level comes with similar 'devils', but in a different shape or with a different layer. So repeating the work you already did can definitely give you results!

3. Will you help me make more money in my business?

This is not a get rich quick program, or a program in which I give you strategies to find clients or add other sources of income. We will build on what you know and have, I will show you where you are self-sabotaging or keeping yourself small (it's probably not what you think it is), and I will help you design your work around the things you do best and the people you work with best. 

Common side-effects of implementing those changes are:

  • getting more clients that are a perfect match to what you have to offer  
  • hitting those income goals with much more ease 
4. What does the application process look like?

1. You book a call using the green button. (or simply click here)
2. You answer the questions included in the process of booking the call.
3. In the call, we find out whether working with me and working in this program are a good fit for you, and whether you are a good fit for the program.


And does Female Entrepreneur Talent Academy feel like the right step for YOU?

Then I look forward to meeting you - book your call here:

(Or did you open this page out of curiosity and do you find yourself having read all the way through? That may be a sign that you and I should have a chat - click that 'apply now' button to make it happen.)
dr. Marianne sitting behind laptop

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