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Human design combines ancient wisdom (The Hindu Chakra system, Eastern and Western astrology, the Chinese I Ching and the Jewish Kabbalah) with quantum physics. The system gives each of us a specific way to work with our energy, to interact with others, to make sure we're doing the right work and making the right decisions and to discover our talents and where there's room to grow. 

I don't use human design as a tool that tells you THE truth of who you are and how you MUST act.

Instead, we use your design as a starting point for our conversation. For example, about what's working in your business and what isn't. How you approach things like copywriting, marketing and sales, what makes you unique and stand out from the competition and how to combine intuition and strategy. Your human design is also a great tool to discover how you are wired similar to your clients and perhaps your team, and where you are different. This knowledge will for sure increase your impact and efficiency! 

Jitske smiling


I love how Marianne helps me see how I can use my human design both in how I run my business and in how I can use a tailor-made approach to coaching my clients. As a result, my business and my clients thrive! 

Jitske Lochtenberg

Hilde smiling


As a projector, I finally understand why I operate the way I do. Marianne keeps reminding me to follow my strategy and this has been life changing. I feel so much joy!

Hilde van Schijndel


As a result of working with Marianne, I have enormous drive and energy. Amazing opportunities have effortlessly presented themselves. I now know exactly how to make the correct decisions for ME.

Kim van Dam

Hey there, I'm dr. Marianne van den Broek.

As a level 2 certified quantum human design specialist, I get to do human design readings according to Karen Curry's unique system. Karen is one of Ra Uru Hu's original students and has since then gained over 20 years of experience in working with human design. 

She teaches the type of reading that focuses on how understanding your chart can help you fulfill your potential, live your life purpose, and make an invaluable contribution to your clients' lives. 

I love doing readings for service-based entrepreneurs and help them make business easier, more fulfilling and more impactful. I especially enjoy diving into the aspects of your chart that you may consider more challenging and showing you where the power of those components lies. So often, these turn out to be your secret weapons that set you apart from the competition and help you achieve amazing results with clients.


Now that I understand how to live life as a manifestor, my sparkle and my fire are back! I lovingly accept myself and I can feel my power. 

Marieke Dekker


I love how Marianne combines human design, theta healing and EFT tapping. She helps you get to the core of the issue - even if you feel quite comfortable staying on the surface level - in a loving way. 

Minu Peters


Marianne sees you for who you are, instead of for who you think you should be.

Isabella Parlatore

Are you ready to discover how your human design can take your business to the next level?

Then I would love to invite you to a human design business reading! This includes:

  • 2 introductory videos (on the basics of human design and on doing business according to your human design type)
  • a 90-minute human design business reading tailored to your needs and questions, including diving into your natural genius and how you can support your clients even better (hello raving reviews!)
  • a recording of our session

Your investment: 400 plus 21%VAT (if applicable)