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When you base your business on your zone of genius, you can create so much value for your audience and clients. You feel energized and fulfilled. And you can create the kind of financial independence that allows you to get the house on your vision board (paid in cash, obviously), travel the world with your family, and of course: give back.

Which all sounds pretty amazing...but basing your business on your zone of genius can be a rocky road! 

In this blog, I will explain why most people don't actually end up basing their business on their zone of genius. And how you can make sure you DO.

Oh, and if you're not familiar with the whole zone of genius thing yet, this blog post is a great place to start.

Stage 1: "OMG OMG I finally nailed my zone of genius and now it's going to be rainbows and unicorns forever!"

The moment you find out what your unique zone of genius magical. It's like finally understanding your place in the world. Like finding that one missing puzzle piece that will help you create the success you know you are meant to have. I get to witness people discover their zone of genius on a regular basis and it's one of the best things in the world.


Stage 2: "There's no way I can base my business on my zone of genius because..."

All of a sudden, you are not so sure about this whole zone of genius thing. In theory, it sounds like a good plan to transition to a business based on it, but you have a number of reasons not to pursue it right now. And on paper, they make perfect sense:

"...first I need to...(do x, put y in place, feel z)"

Sure, there are always a million things to do. And from a strategical point of view, they will probably all be useful in the longer run. But you get to be the one who decides what to prioritize.

Will that be transitioning your business to a more successful and impactful place? Or will you first schedule 15 social media posts, tweak your funnel, update your freebie...

"...I don't know HOW to..."

The perfect excuse to start collecting more information first. Sign up for 5 more free webinars. Buy another 'how-to' training. Because you need to learn more skills first.

Let's get really honest here for a moment: is 'not knowing how' really what's going on? 

Because if it is: get the training, block three days in your calendar to power through it, and then get to work. But probably, more how-to information is not what you need...

"...that won't work for ME because..." 

This one is actually perfectly legitimate. I can hear your sigh of relief...but please hear me out...

What worked for others won't work for you. But that doesn't mean you should just give up here. It means exactly the opposite: you need to figure out exactly how it WILL work for you. You get to build a business that is a perfect fit to your unique personality, to your values, to your dream lifestyle. And that means you need to think outside the box. Create the kind of business that is perfectly you.

"...I know what I offer right now isn't in my zone of genius, but my clients/audience keep asking me for it."

You're right again. Your clients and audience will keep asking you to work from your zone of excellence. Because that's what you taught them! That's what you've been talking about. It's what they know you for. It's what you've been offering until now.

So it's up to you to start offering your revamped services. The ones that are completely aligned with your zone of genius. Because that is the thing that is ultimately going to be what changes your client's lives. So it would be selfish NOT to offer it!

"...I can't just fire all my clients and start a whole new business. I have bills to pay. People I have committed to helping."

When our brain gets really stressed out, it starts thinking very 'black or white'. And it makes total sense that this will only increase the stress mode to finally you reach full-on panic-mode.

When, in fact, no one suggested you start a completely new business. And you get to decide on the pace! Personally, I recommend making a slow, but certain transition. From working only in your zone of excellence (and some zone of competence on the side, if we're being completely honest) to working more and more in your zone of genius.

Taking the transition slow has some major advantages.

You don't have to disappoint anyone you already made a commitment to. And you get to ease into the new way of working. Find out what works and what doesn't. And make it better and better.

Until eventually, you can start referring the clients who still ask for services from your zone of excellence, to someone who's zone of genius it is

Do you find yourself making one, or maybe several of these excuses?

That's completely normal. We have a whole part of our brain dedicated to keeping us safe. And, unfortunately, it thinks the best way to do that is by convincing you to continue to play small.

Step 1 is to notice when it happens.

Step 2 is to lovingly thank that part of your brain. We often try to ignore it, or tell it to stop bothering us, but that has the opposite effect. It will only become louder until you listen. So listen, and say thank you.

Step 3: then tell the worrying part of your brain that it doesn't need to worry. You got this.

Because you really do!

You get to have a business that is the perfect match to your zone of genius, and to your personality, your values, and dream life style.