How to get unstuck by tapping into your intuition part 2: how can you tap in? - Dr. Marianne van den Broek

How to get unstuck by tapping into your intuition part 2: how can you tap in?

One of the core steps in getting unstuck is tuning into your intuition. We all have the ability to use a knowledge that is different to what we use in our day to day lives. A greater wisdom.

In last week's post, I talked about the definition of intuition. What it is that you tap into, when you use your intuition to give you better informed answers than your thinking brain can. Missed it? You can read it here.

It's important to realize that there are many different ways to access the wisdom of your intuition.

I have always been quite intuitive, without realizing it. I would know certain things about people, and about how they interacted with each other. But for me that was just obvious. I didn't understand how other people couldn't see those things too.

And when other women would talk about using their intuition as guidance. I would get frustrated. Because:

  1. I didn't think I would be able to 'talk to my intuition'.
  2. They always talked about getting answers during meditations, or having a talk with the universe, or whatever, and I would plan to meditate and such, but it just never seemed to happen.

I was trying to force intuitive hits using methods that just weren't me.

Since then, I have learned to ALWAYS look for a way to do things how they best suit me. And that intuition comes in different shapes or forms! 

I would love to give you a number of examples, so you know what to watch out for, and be inspired to listen en look for different ways to be ore intuitive.

Let's take the example of trying to decide whether you should leave your job or not. And your intuition telling you that you should indeed leave.

1. Being shown signs

If being shown signs is your preferred ways of communication, you may suddenly receive all types of job offers without ever telling anyone you were considering leaving your current job. Or that suddenly, the domain name for the company you dream of opening has freed up for you to purchase.

Or perhaps you're more like a friend of mine, who made a deal with her  intuition that she sees butterflies when she makes the right decision. So once you've scheduled a talk with your boss you suddenly see them (butterflies, a specific green colour, you get to decide!) everywhere.

2. Words that are suddenly in your head

If words are more your thing, you might ask "should I leave my job?" in your head, and then the answer appears as a thought. If you're a sceptic, like I used to be, it's easy to think that you just made the answer up. Learn to have a little faith in those words would be my recommendation for you. 

Another common pitfall is that the answer comes quite fast and natural, so sometimes you miss it the first time around! You can always just ask to be told again, is my experience.

For me, it has taken some practice, but now it's my preferred way of tapping into my intuition. 

3. Images

Women who see images that originate from their intuition, often see them during a visualization or meditation. That's mainly because our conscious brain is so focussed on the outer world during the day (which is kind of nice, for safety reasons) that it's harder to see images that come from the subconscious when you're awake and alert. 

4. A bodily sensation

If you're one of those women who feel like they are terrible at tuning into their intuition, pay attention to this one. I have met a number of women who were even kind of frustrated about this subject. After for example a guided meditation, they would say that they didn't 'get anything'.

But then it turned out that they felt a tingling in their fingers. Or their cheek would be warm. Or their feet would get cold. Don't ignore what your body tries to tell you!

5. A deep sense of knowing

This last version of communicating with your intuition can sometimes kind of feel like a one way street. Because you can't really pinpoint when your question was answered. But all of a sudden, you realize that you know you are going to quit your job. And that everything is going to work out, even if you're not sure what that's going to look like.

This sense of knowing is different from the logical kind of knowing. It's again easy to dismiss if you are not open to it. This sense of knowing has never failed me!

I would love to hear which is your preferred communication mode with your intuition, tell me in the comments?

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