Stop push push pushing! - Dr. Marianne van den Broek

Stop push push pushing!

Back when I was in med-school, I did two years of clinical rotations. And even though I knew quite early on that my specialty was most likely not going to be a surgical one, I looked forward to my gynaecology rotation.

I had seen many births in TV shows and movies and it always seemed like such an exciting thing to be a part of! The woman in bed giving it her all. And everyone around her cheering her on and screaming: "push! push! push!".

Of course the reality of it was slightly different, though still magical. I was especially surprised by the fact that the 'push push push'-part I had been anticipating, was such a small part of the actual delivery. And the women who had the easiest births were the one who were especially good at the other part of the process: the allowing.

Allowing for the process to unfold is not as easy as it seems on the outside. 

I learned that in my clinical rotations, then when I had my own children and business.

For the longest time, I worked towards each of my goals by working really hard. By pushing and using all my willpower to get there. While doing that, I would always imagine how happy I would be once I had achieved the goal. How I would celebrate and take some much deserved rest.

Of course that NEVER happened.

Finishing med-school, getting my PhD, specializing as a never felt quite as big and liberating once I got there. Because by the time I had achieved my goal, a new one would already be lined up. And achieving my particular goal would not feel very special at all. 

So I would quickly start working on the next one. Doing the exact same things and expecting a different outcome each time.

Until I finally realized: there must be another way to achieve goals.

A way that doesn't take all my time, energy and effort. A way that doesn't leave me deflated after achieving my goal, but energized and happy. 

And that's when I discovered that for me, that meant getting out of the way. 

It is the moments that I have complete faith that everything that needs to happen in order for me to achieve my goal is already there. And that all I need to do is tune into the energy of that goal. The energy of my higher self that is already living the life I dream of, running the business I love, being the relaxed and fun mom and partner I wish to be. 

That's when the real magic happens.

So that is where I am directing my energy. 

Like I said: that is not as easy as it sounds. It takes faith, patience, and perseverance. And at times, I really need the support of my mastermind to keep going. Which is why I am so happy that I have gathered people around me who believe the same thing: aligning with your goal and then allowing for the process to unfold is all you need to do.

Are you brave enough to stop pushing and start allowing?

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