Why your business really doesn’t need another strategy (and what it needs instead) - Dr. Marianne van den Broek

Why your business really doesn’t need another strategy (and what it needs instead)

There are many courses and coaching programs that teach strategies to run your business, get clients and scale once the time is there. But while a good strategy can't hurt, I have become convinced that success has little to do with the strategy you choose.

And the right strategy will most certainly not guarantee that you can work with your clients in a way that is easy, impactful and heaps of fun to do.

In this blog post, I will explain why. And what to do instead.

The idea of strategy is very appealing.

At least is was to me. When I first started my online business, I listened to each and every episode of 5 different podcasts, spent hours on Pinterest reading blogposts about all the aspects of being in business and did at least 10 online courses on the subject.

I didn't do that just for the fun of it. Although I do love collecting information and connecting the dots, so that was part of the reason...

But the main reason was that it gave me a sense of control. 

I had a library of strategies for every stage of business and for every occasion, so I felt ready. 

The second reason that people like strategy is that you can always blame the strategy if something isn't working. Instead of looking at what it is you could improve in your services and how you talk about them, or how you could show up in a different way, or more consistent, you simply move on to the next strategy.

Also, there's the thrill of working on something new. As long as you're working on strategies, you can stay in creation mode. Which is a great place to be. But it's not where you sign new clients.

Strategy is overrated.

In fact, it is utterly useless, if you skip the step that comes before strategy. And I am not talking about coming up with an ideal client avatar, doing market research or finding the right email service. 

The vital ingredient is alignment.

It's the step that makes the difference between being run by your business or clients, always feeling you're falling short in one or more areas and feeling depleted at the end of each day, and running a thriving business and enjoying every second of it. 

It's the one thing I work with my clients on that creates flow and ease and makes everything so much more fun! I help them align their vibe and their actions with their true selves. 

What that looks like?

  • For one client: realizing your current business does not align with your mission, nor is it going to provide you with the funds to live your dream lifestyle.

    She then took a long and honest look inside and rediscovered what lights her up, and what she's good at. She is now building a business that is perfectly aligned with that. The clients she has worked with so far are raving fans, and her podcast has a steadily growing audience that love her work. 
  • For another: recognizing that your lack of setting clear expectations and boundaries has resulted in a very demanding clientele that is not achieving the transformations you know they can.

    She reworked her own belief systems, so she could finally own the value she provides and sell her packages to the type of client that loves to buy from her (and believes her premium packages are excellent value for money).
    But the most striking end-result was something different: she finally realized she wanted to move across the globe and start living a completely different life. Which is now in the works. 
  • And for a third: a big fat sigh of relief. And then a huge smile. Because she finally realized that she is perfect exactly as she is.

    She is not like her relatives, she is the odd one out in her group of friends, and that is what makes her such a delight to be around!
    She can now stop a decade-long habit of hopping from self-help book to coach to program, to 'work on things' and self-improve. And start living life to the fullest.

For many of us, what truly defines our business success, is how much we enjoy our work, and the impact we can make.

And in order to maximize that, we need to make our inner work a part of our daily routine.

  • Self-knowledge
  • Self-love
  • An abundance mindset
  • A permission slip to play big (written by ourselves, obviously)

To me, those are the core ingredients to life and work happiness. And if you wish, making a massive impact follows almost automatically. 

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