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Why it matters what you think about

Before I got into online entrepreneurship, I thought that ‘mindset’ was just one of those buzzwords. But I soon realized that what people called ‘mindset’, was largely made up of the work I had been doing for a decade with my patients already. And that mastering your mindset as a healthy person full of potential is […]

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A guide to dealing with mom-guilt for entrepreneurs

Let me start by saying: mom-guilt is a thing. Whether you are a mother to children or pets, or a caretaker to a different loved one: women tend to feel guilty a lot…   This morning was particularly bad for me. When I drop off the kids at daycare, we have this ritual where they hop […]

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Why ‘charge what you’re worth’ is THE worst business advice

I have yet to meet the first service provider who doesn’t have to constantly fight the urge to overdeliver and undercharge. When clients start working with me, one of their goals is often phrased along the lines of ‘starting to charge what they’re worth’. That goal never ever makes it to our final list of goals. […]

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