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Before I got into online entrepreneurship, I thought that 'mindset' was just one of those buzzwords. But I soon realized that what people called 'mindset', was largely made up of the work I had been doing for a decade with my patients already.

And that mastering your mindset as a healthy person full of potential is an amazing superpower. 

The one thing successful people have in common? They have mastered the art of creating success with their thoughts.

In this blog, I explain how this works.

Our brain has a filter that decides which information is processed, and which information is ignored. 

I often compare this filter, which is believed to be located in the reticular activating system, to a social media algorithm. These algorithms are designed to show you the content you most likely want to see. So it registers which posts you interact with, and shows you those type of posts first.

Which means that you indirectly decide what you see, by giving that type of content your attention.

Our brain filter works the same way:

  1. it registers what you think about
  2. it allows information that is aligned with what you think about to enter your brain, anything else gets bounced
  3. part of the information that enters your brain is consciously processed, the majority enters the subconscious brain

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right."

This famous quote by Henry Ford makes a lot of sense when you understand how the brain works. If you think you can be successful in your business, you will be receptive to information that will help you improve and create, and to new opportunities. 

So by thinking like the person you want to be that is leading the life you want to lead, you can create that reality.

A person who is stuck in a negative thought pattern may come across the same information and opportunities, but they won't notice. Let alone use the information to create something valuable, or leverage the opportunity that comes their way. 

But you will, because you know the importance of having thoughts that are aligned with who and what you want to be!

And by doing so, you create actual success experiences, adding to the effect of your already positive thoughts. Which will make it even easier to be receptive to anything that will make you more successful. 

On top of that, by thinking about who and what you want to be, you use science to bring the things you want into your life. 

Everything on this earth is made up of small particles. And these particles each have a vibration. Particles with a similar vibration are attracted to each other, particles with a different vibration repel each other.

Water particles close up black and white

Our thoughts have a vibration too.

If we think positive thoughts, those thoughts have a certain vibration that matches anything similarly positive. 

  1. We think a positive thought
  2. We radiate that vibration of that thought
  3. We attract things that are similar to that thought

So when you think about wanting more clients, you can:

  • imagine how it would feel to already work with amazing people who achieve wonderful things by working with you, to have money flowing your way easily so you can live an abundant life, reinvest in your business and give back.

Or you can:

  • focus on the lack of clients, on how unfair it is that you have so much to give and still everyone chooses to work with your competition, and on how you wish you had more money to enjoy life.

In my experience, what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the crowd is that they choose the first approach.

They choose to focus their thoughts on how they will feel when they have achieved their goal.

I write 'choose' on purpose. You see, our default mode is focussing on lack. You can read more about that default mode, and more importantly: how to overwrite it, in my next blog. 

For now, what's important to realize, is that it takes an active decision to focus on what you would love the situation to be and how you will feel when this is your reality.

Because then your brain knows what to focus on, and what you want will be attracted. 

So if you make this a daily practice, your dream reality has no other choice but to come your way to become your current reality. Amazing, right?