Work with me - Dr. Marianne van den Broek
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work with me

What if you could

finally break through 

to that next level of business success?

No more playing small?

Attract the right kind of clients
Working in your business feels fun and uncomplicated
Be the bravest and boldest version of yourself

How you can work with me

Talent coaching: 

1 month of individual support
for rapid breakthrough 

This is for you if:

you no longer want to hold yourself and you could really use a kickstart to break through in one specific area:

* consistent visibility
* delivering value without overworking, overdelivering or a lack of joy
* attracting the right kind of clients
* confidently and authentically selling your services
* focus and following through on your plans

What's included:

Individual coaching

An introduction to your strengths and personality profile

Online videos to support our work together

Your investment:


*approximately $765

If VAT is applicable: +21%VAT

Want to know if this is for you?

Tailor-made program, limited availability, individual support.

Female Entrepreneur
Talent Academy: 

6 months of full individual support
for rapid transformation and
tailor-made strategy

This is for you if:

you want to grow to a new level of business success, already have the know-how in place, and you would love full support in your breakthrough to:

1. work from your unique natural talents
2. align your mindset, feelings, energy and beliefs (conscious and subconscious) with your goals
3. create the success you want without working harder, stress, or drama

What's included:

Full, individual and support: holistic coaching and strategizing

Online modules to support our work together

My analysis of your strengths and personality profile

BONUS: money mastery modules

Your investment:

990* per month
or save by paying in full: 5500

*approximately $1097 per month or $6097

If VAT is applicable: +21%VAT

Want to know if this is for you?

Tailor-made program, limited availability, full individual support. 

Camilla Park

"Marianne is the real deal!"

I felt completely safe looking into my life and my company together with her and she made it feel fun and sparkling to give form to new ways to live and work. Marianne is definitely the expert you want to consult when you have decided to take your business and life to the next level!

Jenny Davidson

"Coaching with Marianne was better than all the coaching I had before...combined."

After working as a lawyer in big firms for over 10 years, I really needed to reconnect with myself and my values. The insights I got from working with Marianne helped me experience more joy and flow in my work immediately, and I have a much clearer picture of what I want in the future.

Isabella Parlatore

"Marianne will see you for who you are, not for who you think you should be"

As a result of working with Marianne, I have vision of a new carrier that could integrate my strengths and my values in one coherent plan, which feels attainable and exiting at the same time. Marianne will push you out of your comfort zone and really see you for who you are, not for who you think you should be. 

Do you want to finally have
the successful business
you are meant to have,
without holding back?

Then here's your next step:

Marianne with laptop

Frequently asked questions

1. I am not sure which program to choose, can you help me decide?

Of course, I would love to advise you. Book a discovery call and we will not only find out if we're a good match to work together, but also which program is the best decision for you.

2. I am not female, can I still work with you?

I specialize in issues that are much more common in women. This is why I decided to tailor my content to a female audience. There are of course no gender restrictions to work with me, so you are welcome to book a discovery call to discuss possibilities to work together.

3. What is the CliftonStrengths Finder?

The CliftonStrengths Finder is the test we use to uncover your biggest strengths, including the one thing you're better at than 10,000 other people. When you know how to leverage your strengths, you are 3x more likely to have excellent quality of life and 6x more likely to do what you do best every day. Companies that use strengths make up to 30% more profit.

For Female Entrepreneur Talent Academy, I love using the full-34 CliftonStrengths Finder, because the full version also gives insights in your biggest blind spots and energy leaks, and in what kind of people would be perfect for your team. 

4. What do you mean by 'if VAT is applicable'?

Whether or not VAT will be charges depends on your location and whether you are registered as a business owner/entrepreneur. If you are not registered, generally VAT will apply so you need to add 21% to the price listed on this page.