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You are an ambitious, service-based, female entrepreneur.

You know that you are good at what you do, and that you can really help people.

You have the offer, the freebie and the email-list.

But too often, your business feels like too much of a struggle for too little result. 

  • You feel like you’re wasting so much of your precious time on draining activities (that are not bringing you the kind of clients and impact you want)
  • You know you need to be more visible and make more genuine connections with the kind of clients you love working with, but struggle to be consistent about it  (something is holding you back)
  • Business is going okay, but it’s not enough to support your big dreams (traveling the world with your family, getting the house on your vision board - paid in cash, and of course: giving back)



You've come to the right place, sister.

I am Dr. Marianne van den Broek.

After working with clients for a decade, there was one thing I knew for sure:

Everyone has a unique zone of genius: something you do better than anyone else you know. That comes natural to you, feels joyful and gives you energy.

And true success (whatever that looks like for you, as long as it feels amazing) comes from building on that zone of genius. 

Dr. Marianne van den Broek sitting on a pink chair

The bad news?

After leaving behind my medical career to become a fulltime entrepreneur, I soon discovered: knowing your zone of genius isn’t enough.

Turns out: success from the inside out also requires letting go of the things you think, believe and feel that are standing in the way of creating the success and impact you want (there’s no way around it, believe me - I tried)

The good news?

I can help you find both your genius AND get rid of all the ways you are (unknowingly) holding yourself back. And it won’t be painful. Promise.

Working from your zone of genius without holding back is like finally discovering that missing puzzle piece to success that has been missing since you decided to start a business:

  • You can provide much more value, without working harder
    When you work in your zone of genius - the one thing you do better than anyone else you know, you provide tremendous value for your clients and audience. And often, it doesn't even feel like work!
  • You can start attracting the clients that are ideal for you
    The kind of clients you enjoy working with and you can get amazing results with.
  • You feel confident and energized
    Quit the self-doubt cycle, stop unwillingly sabotaging your own success, and end your day with enough energy to actually DO something - besides binging Netflix...

Why base your business on your talents?

As an entrepreneur, YOU are the biggest asset your business has.

You can provide a superb service and have all the business and marketing knowledge you'll ever need, but:

your business depends on whether YOU are the best possible version of yourself.

What I see, time and time again, is ambitious women who are experts in their fields. They know how to run a business and get clients.

But they know in their gut that they could be really successful, instead of just getting by. And feel free, energized and confident, instead of constantly struggling with fear, self-doubt and not being consistent in their actions. 

And almost every time, it's a combination of three problems:

  1. They don't know their biggest natural talents, or how to leverage them. And so they build a business based on their skills...which will always feel like hard work and like something is 'off'. And potential clients will sense that. 
  2. They try to apply a business strategy that has worked for someone else (a mentor, a coach, the teacher of your business program) and it just isn't working. Which makes them doubt everything. Maybe they should change their offer? Or maybe they still haven't uncovered their ideal client? And on darker days: perhaps there's something wrong with them? When instead, all they need is to start taking consistent action from the inside out.
  3. They are holding themselves back. Everyone has blind spots and subconscious beliefs that can get in the way of what you really want: helping people and making good money with your talents. And they're called blind spots for a reason! What they need is someone to show them where they're keeping themselves small and how to work on the mindset and the subconscious.
Camilla Park

"Marianne is the real deal!"

I felt completely safe looking into my life and my company together with her and she made it feel fun and sparkling to give form to new ways to live and work. Marianne is definitely the expert you want to consult when you have decided to take your business and life to the next level!

Ashvy Bhardwaj

"I now understand who I am, and what alignment is for me."

Marianne really challenged me to think about who I am and what I want from life. As a result, I have a much deeper understanding of who I am, what alignment is for me and who my ideal clients really are.

Wendy van Hardeveld

"I wasn't aware of how I was holding myself back"

In the sessions, Marianne was able to sense where the pain was and not afraid to dig deep. 
It amazed me how much we were able to do in such a short time, especially since I wasn't aware of how I was holding myself back. 

How you can work with me

a 4-month program with individual coaching for women ready to up-level their business 

This is for you if: you're an ambitious, female entrepreneur who wants to grow to a next level of business success.

Aka: create financial independence while changing lives and no more holding back.

Starts: October 28.

Extremely limited spots.
(I chose to keep it small and intimate)

By application only.
(To make sure you and the program are a match)

take the first steps to build a talent based business


This is for you if: you want to know your true talents and find out how these translate into your dream business

What's included:

  • My analysis of your unique combination of strengths and personality
    I'll analyze your strengths and personality through tests you take, including the Clifton Strengths Finder (your prep time: around 30 minutes).
  • talent strategy session
    We have a 90-minute session in which you learn all about how your unique talents translate into your dream business and what your biggest potential pitfall is.
  • An on track call
    We have a 30-minute call to check whether you are still on track based on the insights you got in the talent session.
Your investment:

€390 (includes 21% VAT)
(approximately $435)

Want to know if this is for you?

Do you want to finally have the successful business you are meant to have, without holding back?

So you can create financial freedom, while changing lives?

Marianne with laptop

Then here's your next step:

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the Clifton Strengths Finder?

The Clifton Strengths Finder is the test we use to uncover your biggest strengths, including the one thing you're better at than 10,000 other people. When you know how to leverage your strengths, you are 3x more likely to have excellent quality of life and 6x more likely to do what you do best every day. Companies that use strengths make up to 30% more profit.

I explain what the test is and why I love to use it with my clients in more detail in this video: