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Reach your next level
of business success
by transforming
your mindset and beliefs

What if you could finally reach that next level of business success? 

You are good at what you do. And you know this, except on the days your imposter syndrome sneaks up on you. 

And many people would consider where you are right now a success, but...

...you know you are meant for bigger things.

You have the strategy in place.

You DO work on your mindset.

And you're more than ready.

But something is holding you back and you just can't seem to break through.

may i invite you to imagine:

Attracting the clients you really want to work with - who are a perfect match to your genius (enter: raving reviews) and happily pay your prices 

Business feeling fun and
uncomplicated again - by aligning your offers with your true, natural talents and your needs (plenty of energy left when work is done)

Hitting your ambitious income goals without all the stress and drama - sell with confidence and authenticity and quickly deal with upper-limiting or money blocks

Saskia Vandenbroeck

"Marianne challenged me to grow on both an intellectual and a spiritual level."

 I started working with Marianne because I didn't fully understand what my talents are and how to leverage them in my business. I now understand what makes me unique. I also love that I now know what to look out for in the formation of my team to get the best results.

Dorrith Dijkzeul

"I had already worked with several coaches, but none of them taught me how to tune into my intuition and what I feel."

Marianne quickly understands what you mean and what you need. She has many different tools and is able to switch between them with ease, if one doesn't resonate. She helped me set bigger goals and gave me the confidence I have everything I need to achieve them. 

dr. Ashvy Bhardwaj

"Before working with Marianne, I was a doctor who had a private practice. Now, I am a confident entrepreneur."

Marianne challenged me to think about who I am and what I want from work and life. As a result, I grew as a person and as a business woman. Marianne really gets it and her approach is both soft and no-nonsense. 

Marianne with laptop

I am dr. Marianne van den Broek.

As an entrepreneur, you ARE your business. And having great skills and a good strategy alone isn't enough to grow your business to the next level of success. 

You need to align your mindset, emotions, energy and beliefs (conscious and subconscious) with your vision.

And work from your natural talents, without holding yourself back.

I help ambitious, service-based entrepreneurs to stop playing small, with a combination of scientific and holistic tools.
  • Individual, tailor-made support
  • Quick, deep transformation
  • Strategizing and accountability

* prices start at €790 (plus VAT) for 1 month of support
* limited availability

Wendy van Hardeveld

"I am no longer playing small"

Before working with Marianne, I didn't realize how I was holding myself back and what needed to be cleared to stop that. I now create from a place of ease and flow and I'm no longer playing small. 

Relinde Moors

"Valuable insights I immediately implemented"

I love how Marianne combines strengths with personality psychology - it gave me some really valuable insights about my talents and about how to work in my business. I now work more efficiently and I know which ideas to pursue and when to speak up about what I believe. 

Janet van Dijk

"As a multipotentialite, I finally understand what leveraging my talents actually looks like for me"

I now understand what brings me joy, what I need to stop doing and what energizes me. The work with Marianne gave me the confidence to choose my direction - which is pretty major for a multipotentialite like me!



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Making money can feel fun and easy.

How we feel is a big part of our success.

And when you have a challenging money experience (a refund request, fumbling through the selling part of a sales call, planning to launch a new service that you know can change lives...but what if no one buys?), your feelings and energy around money can be influenced.

Before you know it, you start attracting the things you DON'T want! 

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