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Why it matters what you think about

Before I got into online entrepreneurship, I thought that ‘mindset’ was just one of those buzzwords. But I soon realized that what people called ‘mindset’, was largely made up of the work I had been doing for a decade with my patients already. And that mastering your mindset as a healthy person full of potential is […]

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The only ‘one size fits all’ solution to feeling happier

I believe that everyone deserves a tailor-made approach when it comes to making a plan to improve how you feel and what you can achieve. What worked for someone else will never work for you in exactly the same way. We are all different, with different preferences, different needs, and different strengths. However, there is one […]

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You get to change your mind

If you are reading this blog, you need to get this message: it is okay to change your mind! Whether it is something small, like returning a dress that you thought was perfect when you ordered it, to something life changing like giving up a lucrative career to start doing what you love.The reason why […]

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Use your emotions as a guide to more happiness and fulfillment

“How do you feel about that?” If you ever impersonated a psychiatrist or therapist, I am pretty sure you repeated this sentence a lot. And you would be right. Therapists and coaches often ask this question. Sometimes even a couple of times in a row. Not because we’re struggling to find a more original question, or as […]

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A guide to dealing with mom-guilt for entrepreneurs

Let me start by saying: mom-guilt is a thing. Whether you are a mother to children or pets, or a caretaker to a different loved one: women tend to feel guilty a lot…   This morning was particularly bad for me. When I drop off the kids at daycare, we have this ritual where they hop […]

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Where are you on the introvert–extravert spectrum?

A big part of personal leadership is knowing and understanding yourself. For all that you are, but also for the things that you aren’t.  When I work with clients, one of the biggest eye openers is always around the introvert – extravert spectrum. Many have an idea of where they are, but fall short in the […]

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